Citracal Petites with Vitamin D3, 100-Count (Pack of 2)

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Check Out Citracal Petites with Vitamin D3, 100-Count (Pack of 2). See Great Calcium By CITRACAL.

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Citracal Petites with Vitamin D3, 100-Count (Pack of 2)
Citracal Petites with Vitamin D 100ct
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Calcium Supplement Product Features:

About this item
Clinically proven to help reduce the rate of bone loss
Are highly soluble, bioavailable, and usable by the body & Contain added Vitamin D which improves absorption
Citracal contains no wheat, barley, yeast or rye, and is dairy and gluten free.
Citracal can be taken anytime, with or without food.
400 mg of calcium in the form of calcium citrate to help support bone health
Why Take Citracal Petites
Citracal Petites contain calcium citrate and a high level of Vitamin D3 to help support bone health* in a smaller, easier to swallow**** caplet.
– Can be taken with or without food.
– Easily absorbed, highly soluble form of calcium.
– Gentle on your digestive system.
Which Benefit is Most Important to you
Defy bone aging with Citracal calcium and Vitamin D3.*** Whether it’s high levels of D3, slow release calcium, or delicious gummies, Citracal products come in a variety of dosages and forms to suit your specific needs.
***Adequate calcium and Vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
Maximum Petites Plus Magnesium Slow Release 1200 Calcium Gummies Calcium Pearls
Maximum Serving. Easily absorbed calcium citrate. Smaller Caplet. Easier to swallow.**** Plus Magnesium. Calcium Citrate plus minerals. Once Daily. Continuously releases calcium. Great Tasting. Easy to chew gummy. Great Tasting. Soft, chewable calcium.
****Compared to Citracal Maximum
Citracal Petites – Smaller, Easier to Swallow****
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Product Benefits
– 400 mg of calcium in the form of calcium citrate to help support bone health.*
– 500 IU of Vitamin D3 to help your body absorb calcium.*
– Gentle on your digestive system.
– Can be taken with or without food.
****When compared to Citracal Maximum.
Why Do I Need Calcium
Calcium is an essential mineral needed for bone health. In fact, most of the calcium in our bodies isd in the bones and teeth. Its just as important as any other product in your age-defying beauty regimen.
Even though our bodies need calcium, we dont produce the mineral. We get it from the foods we eat every day. Unfortunately, most people dont get enough calcium.
Getting enough calcium along with Vitamin D is important for supporting bone health throughout your lifetime,* but especially during childhood, while the bones are still growing. It’s also essential during the senior years, when bones start to break down faster than they can be rebuilt. Older bones may become more brittle and easily fractured – a condition called osteoporosis.1
How Much Calcium Do I Need
To get the recommended amount of calcium, it is a good idea to make sure foods high in calcium are part of your diet. These include low-fat dairy products such as low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheeses, as well as calcium-fortified orange juice.
If it is difficult for you to get enough calcium through diet, it may make sense for you to take a supplement, such as a Citracal product.
The amount of calcium you require depends on your age and sex. Here is a breakdown of what you need on a daily basis.2
1 National Osteoporosis Foundation.
2 Institute of Medicine, 2010.
– Ages 19-50: 1000 mg/day Calcium.
– Ages 51-70: 1000 mg/day Calcium.
– Ages >70: 1200 mg/day Calcium.
– Ages 19-50: 1000 mg/day Calcium.
– Ages 51-70: 1200 mg/day Calcium.
– Ages >70: 1200 mg/day Calcium.
Can I Take Citracal With A Multivitamin
We suggest you check with your doctor or pharmacist to advise you if Citracal combined with your vitamin regimen will exceed the upper level of calcium intake. The tolerable upper intake of calcium is 2,000 mg per day for ages 51 and up.”¬†
”¬†Institute of Medicine.
Why Does Citracal Contain Vitamin D
In addition to calcium, Vitamin D is needed for bone health*. Your body requires it to absorb calcium. Women and men up to 70 years of age need 15 mcg (600 IU) Vitamin D daily. After age 70, this increases to 20 mcg (800 IU) Vitamin D per day.
There are three ways to get Vitamin D: sunlight, food, and supplements. Because of the risk of skin cancer and the use of sunscreen, which limits your bodys ability to make the vitamin, most people rely on food and supplements to get their Vitamin D. And since it is difficult getting all your Vitamin D from food alone, many people may need to take supplements.
Sources of Vitamin D:
– Sunlight.
– Food.
– Supplements.
Not Getting Enough Calcium or Vitamin D
Not getting enough calcium throughout life may lead to a disease called osteoporosis. This is a condition where your bones become fragile and break easily. The most common bones affected include the hip, backbone (spine), and wrist. Many people dont realize they have osteoporosis until after they break a bone, which means that their bones had been losing strength for years.”
“National Osteoporosis Foundation, Jan 2017.
Who is at Risk for Osteoporosis
Approximately ten million Americans have osteoporosis. The disease mostly affects White and Asian women, but others are vulnerable as well, including men. Women with the greatest risk include those who:
– Have a family history of broken bones or osteoporosis
– Have broken a bone while an adult
– Had surgery to remove their ovaries before their periods stopped
– Had early menopause.
– Have not gotten enough calcium throughout their lives.
– Are consistently inactive.
– Used certain medicines for a long time.
– Have a small body frame.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I take a Citracal product with my medications
– Prior to taking a Citracal product with medications, we recommend that you speak with a health care professional.
What if I have medical conditions
– Your health care provider is in the best position to make this decision with you as he/she will know your personal needs. Prior to taking a Citracal product, we recommend that you speak with a health care professional regarding your specific condition.
Will my medications block the absorption of Citracal products
– Check with your doctor or pharmacist. They will be able to advise you if your medication will block the absorption of a Citracal product.
Can I take a Citracal product during pregnancy
– As with any dietary supplement, if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, contact your doctor before using a Citracal product.
Can I take Citracal products with a multivitamin
– We suggest you check with your doctor or pharmacist to advise you if a Citracal product combined with your vitamin regimen will exceed the upper limits of calcium intake. There is no additional benefit of taking more than 2,000 mg per day.
Why do Citracal products contain vitamin D
– Vitamin D helps the body absorb and use calcium more effectively.
Do Citracal products contain gluten
We do not add any gluten to our products. However, we cannot guarantee that they are 100% gluten free.

About Calcium

This commonly-known supplement is most often touted for its essential function in keeping strong bones. That being stated, many people don’t devote every waking moment monitoring our macro and micronutrients to excellence, so taking a calcium health supplement is a stellar way to finish a healthy diet regimen.

Benefits of Calcium:

Calcium does in fact work just as your parents told you growing up, it enhances your bones! As we age our bone density decreases, hence the increase in recommended daily dosage as we age. Bone density loss is a lot more noticeable in women than men, due to hormonal balance. Estrogen plays an essential job in bone health so the decline following menopause can trigger this drop off that is best counteracted with strength training and adequate calcium consumption.

Beyond enhancing your bones, adequate calcium consumption positively affects your nerve system, muscles, and heart. This mineral helps your blood clot effectively, your muscles to work, and it also aids in regulating your heart’s rhythm.

Kinds of CITRACAL Calcium:

The CITRACAL brand may offer several kinds of supplements. There are also numerous kinds of calcium sold in the nutritional supplement aisle, the most typical being calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. Each compound contains differing amounts of the mineral calcium – calcium carbonate (40% elemental calcium) and calcium citrate (21% elemental calcium). Calcium carbonate is the most affordable and most popular form to purchase, however do keep in mind that this form must be taken with food. Calcium citrate does not need to be taken with food. Note that various supplement manufacturers will mix the calcium supplement with vitamin D, which in fact improves absorption, so think about searching for this type of combo.

Recommended Calcium Dosages

The standard recommendation is 1,000 mg of calcium each day and for guys 71 and older and females 51 and older, the suggestion increases to 1,200 mg daily. This is not a more is better sort of supplement, so avoid taking more than 2,500 mg each day if you are under the age of 50, and no more than 2,000 mg if you are 51 and older.

When to Take Calcium

Some research reveals that your body struggles to use more than 500 mg of calcium at a time, so it might be worth considering a smaller dosage taken more frequently. Remember this when taking the Citracal Petites with Vitamin D3, 100-Count (Pack of 2). Likewise consider the kind of calcium you are taking, as calcium carbonate is best taken with food and calcium citrate can be taken with or without food.

Negative Effects of Calcium:

Negative adverse effects of calcium are experienced when the more is better technique is used. There is actually a proper term for over-doing the calcium – it’s called hypercalcemia. This is a condition in which your calcium level in your blood is above regular. Hypercalcemia can compromise your bones, develop kidney stones, and hinder the interactions connecting your heart and your brain. Stay within advised standards to prevent hypercalcemia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Does the CITRACAL make good calcium supplements?
Answer: Yes, CITRACAL is known to produce high quality calcium capsules, tablets, and other supplements.

Question: What amount of the calcium supplement should I take on a daily basis?
Answer: Take a look at the Citracal Petites with Vitamin D3, 100-Count (Pack of 2) supplement details for dosage, daily calcium amounts, and other information.

Question: Does calcium support excellent bone health?
Answer: Yes, calcium is an important mineral which supports bone health and density.

Question: Where are CITRACAL calcium supplements made?
Answer: This depends upon the CITRACAL production facility. Please see the calcium supplement item description for information on sourcing and production site.





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