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  Women have special needs and are affected from higher incidence of osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, and other gender-related problems. For example, because of the nutritional and hormonal differences between men and women, osteoporosis primarily affects females. Half of all women between the ages of forty-five and seventy-five show signs or some degree of osteoporosis. Calcium is very important in dealing with Osteoporosis. Today there are tremendous resources available from nature.
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  • Feminine Balance
    It's no secret that many women start menopause around their mid 40's to 50's, and most women begin to respond to the stress associated with "midlife" during this time. It's natural, and it's inevitable, but women can begin to look forward to this part of their lives with minimal anxiety. Proper diet, a positive attitude, and regular exercise along with Feminine Balance can make an incredible difference for women approaching midlife. Feminine Balance blends harmonizing herbs, key mycoceuticals, gamma oryzanol, and 16 different synergistic herbs that can help women ease through this transition, as well as relieve occasional symptoms commonly experienced during their peak years. Help maintain your vitality and harmony with Feminine Balance.

  • CalMag Plus
    Calcium is very important in dealing with Osteoporosis. Your body actually needs calcium for more than just your bones and teeth; it is also critical for your muscles, heart, and nervous system. CalMag Plus is pH-balanced, which is essential for the best absorption of calcium. Vitamin D, vitamin K, trace minerals, and boron play specific roles in healthy calcium metabolism, while calcium and magnesium team up with these vital nutrients to promote healthy bone structure, enhance muscle tone and relaxation, and maintain dental health. Magnesium is critical for more than 300 different enzyme systems in the body, plus being necessary for healthy bones and ATP production, which provides cellular energy. Maintain the structure of your bones and muscles, digestive PH balance, and all your cells with CalMag Plus.

  • Evening Primrose Oil
    Especially rich in unsaturated fatty acids Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) is one of the most precious and valuable oils in nature. It supplies Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which cannot be made by the body but must be obtained from your diet. EFAs help maintain healthy looking skin as well as support circulation and healthy joints. Evening Primrose Oil also helps alleviate the discomfort associated with PMS and Menopause.

  • Iron Plus
    A highly bioavailable iron supplement with the synergists vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B-12 for those with increased dietary iron needs.

  • Body Smart Solutions Women's Gold Formula
    The Bodysmart Solutions Gold Formula is specially formulated for men to complement and be synergistic with the Body smart Solutions Triple Protein Shakes. These two products com bined provide over 100 percent of the Daily Values of nearly all the essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Bone Builder
    Bone Builder promotes strong healthy bones. It is our premium Calcium product. We've included ipriflavone, a leading edge nutrient only recently available, that promotes the healthy process of incorporating calcium into bone. Also included is vanadium, which is a bone-seeking, ultra-trace mineral, folic acid, vitamin B-12 and a special metabolite of vitamin B-6, which all support healthy calcium and bone metabolism. The Bone Builder formula also contains a highly absorbable form of calcium, as a calcium citrate/malate carbonate complex. People of all ages should support healthy bones with regular exercise, and a healthy diet including sufficient calcium. Take advantage of the newest research in bone health with Bone Formula.

  • Forever Young Tablets with OPC
    You can help lessen the signs of aging by promoting and retaining your youthful appearance with Forever Young tablets. As we age, most of us begin to notice changes in the resiliency of our skin and the texture of our hair. The amazing unparalleled blend of nutrients in this unique dietary supplement are derived from proprietary marine extracts and are like "skin food from the sea".

  • Endocryn DHEA
    As we all know, our bodies change throughout our lifetime. One of the changes that occurs is that the amount of DHEA in our body begins to steadily decrease as we age, so more must be obtained from our diets in order to maintain the levels we had during our youth. Endocryn DHEA makes supplementation of DHEA an easy way to support our metabolism. Life Plus' Endocryn DHEA contains a full 30 mg of the natural dietary supplement DHEA, herbs, and naturally occurring amino acids to help support the body. It's an easy way to ensure that you are supporting your metabolism and biochemical reactions.

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