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Complete Nutritional Product with Fiber plus Vitamins - Minerals - Herbs - Vegetables - Antioxidants - Phytonutrients - Amino Acids
Product #6132; 20.3 oz. 

Vitamins, MInerals, HerbsDaily BioBasics™ is one of the most exciting and complete yet convenient and easy methods to obtain nutrients you need to stay healthy. It contains nutrient concentrates from 38 different fruits and vegetables and 15 herbs. Daily BioBasics contains many different antioxidants and other valuable phytonutrients like lycopene, glutathione, isoflavones, green tea extract and others. It contains at least 100% of the Recommended Daily Value (RDV) of the vitamins and minerals that have been classified as essential, including both the major minerals Calcium and Magnesium. One daily serving provides 50% of the RDA of fiber, too. We know we should eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. But do we? Daily BioBasics doesn't replace proper eating but it makes sense to include it in your efforts to stay healthy. Daily BioBasics is simply mixed in your favorite juice and taken once a day.


As many carotenoids as 3/4 of a pound of raw carrots, or 9 ounces of raw broccoli, or 30 ounces of raw Brussel sprouts.

  • As much vitamin C as 5 valencia oranges.
  • As much vitamin E as 11 ounces of almonds.
  • As much vitamin B-1 as 9 cups of chickpeas, combined with 9 cups of boiled mushrooms.
  • Super concentrates from spirulina and chlorella.
  • As much niacin as 10 cups of lentils, combined with 8 papayas and 8 mangos.
  • Over 50% of the Recommended Daily Value of dietary fiber to support normal regularity and the natural elimination of toxins.
  • More calcium than three 8 ounce glasses of milk.
  • As much folic acid as 15 cups of strawberries, combined with 20 ounces of walnuts.
  • As much zinc as 5 ounces of pumpkin seeds, combined with 5 cups of mixed vegetables.
  • Phytonutrient concentrates from 38 fruits and vegetables such as alfalfa, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, kale, parsley and spinach.
  • Powerful antioxidants including natural isoflavones from soy, carotenoids complex, lutein, lycopene, glutathione, gingko biloba, curcuminoids, alpha lypoic acid, green tea and polyphenols.
  • 100% or more of the Recommended Daily Value of all essential oil and water soluble vitamins and minerals along with many other associated nutritional factors and 15 herbal concentrates.

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Healthy Circulation For Whole The Body - Plus: Increased Blood Flow to the Sexual Organs
Product #6133; 180 Tablets

Good circulation is important for optimum health. CIRCULATION FORMULA contains Arginine, also referred to as "ADNO," an abbreviation for "Arginine Derived Nitric Oxide." The body makes Nitric Oxide or, "NO" from arginine, a natural amino acid, a component of most proteins we eat. It is ADNO that is used by the body to support the normal vasodilation-the process, which keeps the arteries open. The blood vessels must stay open to permit efficient blood flow. Constriction of blood vessels, which can be brought about by such factors as stress and stimulants such as caffeine, certain drugs, and nicotine, can work against healthy circulation. Plaque can reduce flexibility of arterial walls and the opening size where blood flows. CIRCULATION FORMULA provides 3000 mg, or more, of arginine daily plus other synergistic nutrients.


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Marine Lipid ETA Complex
Product #6108; 60 Capsules
This product may possibly be of great help if you are looking for nutritional support to assist in normal, healthy  joint function.   LYPRINEX is a unique marine lipid complex rich in valuable ETA's from the New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel, Perna canaliculus. The scientific name for the complex is "Lyprinol".  Independent studies have shown LYPRINOL to be: 200 times more potent that Max EPA, 250 times more potent than Green-Lipped Mussel Extract, 350 times more potent than Evening Primrose Oil, 350 times more potent than Salmon Oil and 400 times more potent than Flax Oil. Freeze-dried concentrated mussel tissue was used originally for the prevention of pain associated with older individuals experiencing joint and muscle discomfort. Years of research by Australian and New Zealand scientists has now provided us with LYPRINEX, a natural food supplement that contains the active principles they have finally isolated and patented. Leukotrienes are formed in the body by what researchers call the lipoxygenase pathway and are known to be responsible for initiating and prolonging inflammation. The concentrated ETA's (cicosatetraenoic acids) contained in LYPRINEX are potent inhibitors of this lipoxygenase pathway. This is one reason it is believed that individuals with diets rich in ETA's have less discomfort as they age. And, according to the University of Adelaide scientists in Australia, "the results were extraordinary" and "these compounds are really very potent nutritional inhibitors of the lipoxygenase pathway." 

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Plant-Derived Colloidal Minerals In Convenient Capsule Form 
Product #6140; 60 Capsules 

Minerals are the foundation of our bodies since minerals are components of hormones and enzymes that are responsible for our biochemical life. Lifeplus carefully researched the various sources of the minerals contained in Micro-Mins Plus ™ and uses only the best-quality plant-derived colloidal minerals available.

These minerals are found in organic humic shale that, during prehistoric time, was lush vegetation. As the plants died, they accumulated and through nature's forces eventually compressed and dried, forming the minerals now found.

A special process has been developed to extract the minerals in a highly concentrated, usable form. Micro-Mins Plus contains a wide variety of high-quality trace and ultra-trace minerals that you need to provide nutritional support to your entire body. Micro-Mins Plus is a quick and easy way to supplement these minerals in your diet on a regular basis without having to purchase numerous supplements.

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(Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) A super antioxidant and great source of biological sulfur for detoxification of the body.     
Product #6127; 240 Tablets 
m1020.jpg (6670 bytes)

As a dietary supplement, MSM Plus represents a highly bioavailable source of sulfur, a mineral element critical to the normal function and structure of the body.

This mineral is needed for the manufacture of many proteins rich in sulfur containing amino acids, including collagen, the primary protein of connective tissue, skin, hair, bones, teeth, and insulin. Sulfur is also a component of bile acids, and therefore contributes to fat digestion and absorption.

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Starch Blocker Tablets 
Product #6106; 180 Tablets 

Phase'oLean Forte is a double-strength starch blocker. Each tablet has the capacity to block the digestion and absorption of more than 100 grams of starch.This is over 400 starch calories. Phase'o Lean Forte is a great addition to any weight control plan because it may allow you to vary your menu by including some starch in your diet without having to suffer the consequences (within reason of course).  

*Suggested Use: Take one tablet at the beginning of each meal to block the digestion and absorption of up to 100 grams (400 calories) of starch. For instance, this is equivalent to the amount of starch contained in 4 slices of bread, 2 cups of cooked rice, 3 cups of beans or 2 cups of cooked spaghetti. 

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Potent Antioxidant & Free Radical Scavenger Containing Masquelier's OPC's 
Product #6191; 50 mg; 60 Tablets 
Product #6190; 50 mg; 240 Tablets 
Product #6192; 100 mg; 60 Tablets 

Why do we need antioxidants? Cigarette smoke, air pollution, alcohol, drugs, radiation from televisions and computers, chemicals and a busy life generate free radicals, which cause “oxidative stress”. Free radicals attack all your vital cellular structures, such as cell membranes and stimulate processes that have been linked to accelerated cellular aging.

An antioxidant's job is to neutralize the free radical cells thus protecting the cells in our body from accelerated aging. By neutralizing the free radicals, these once free radical cells are able to assist with nutritional distribution, proper circulation and overall better health.

Proanthenols provides the very best in nutritional antioxidant support.

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Routinely cleansing your system promotes overall wellness by helping to maintain a healthy colon 
Product No. 6109 ; 25 ounces 
Colon Formula is a unique proprietary blend of different high-quality soluble and insoluble fibers, along with valuable herbal concentrates, and a synergistic blend of beneficial microflora (probiotics). Together, they help maintain healthy colon ecology and intestinal acid-alkaline balance. Colon Formula helps to keep the transit time of digested food through your colon at a healthy rate and promotes routine elimination. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, combined with Colon Formula supports natural cleansing and colon health, as well as healthy cholesterol levels. Colon Formula can be added to your Daily BioBasics™ for a more advanced routine cleansing or used periodically for more intensive cleansing. Support natural cleansing and colon health.

*One heaping teaspoon (approximately 11.8 grams) shaken vigorously in about twelve ounces of your favorite juice.Drink Immediately.Enjoy once or twice a day as a fiber and bulk supplement. Helps maintain healthy bowel microflora. 

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Wonder Gel - Product No. 1951 4 oz.
WONDER GEL is a fast acting, pain relieving, deep penetrating gel that is applied topically for the relief of aches and pains of stiff, swollen joints. It is great for the relief of pain caused by overworked muscles and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or bursitis. It combines the restorative properties of Aloe Vera, Colloidal Gold, Methyl Salicylate, plus two fantastic herbal concentrates of Jaborandi and Copaiba - two amazing rainforest botanicals used by the Amazonian people for centuries to minimize muscle and joint pain and fight inflammation. People are usually amazed at how fast it works and how effective it is.

WONDER GEL is used for almost anything you can imagine such as headaches, sinus discomfort, and back pain, just to name a few. It can be used by all ages and every medicine cabinet in every home should have a jar of this pleasant, non-greasy, non-staining topical pain relieving gel.

*Suggested Use: Apply as often as needed to any affected pain area.

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